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Maurice Heijligers

Project Plungers: Party Crash


Project Plungers: Party Crash

As part of the educational program, Project Plungers is a collaboration project between NHTV University of Applied Sciences and Ubisoft for in-house experimentation with Virtual Reality, in the form of a herding game using the Raving Rabbid’s IP. The players are tasked to get the Rabbids from point A to B while overcoming many obstacles. There is no plan for a commercial release, this is a student only project. As part of the learning experience the staff from Ubisoft have given the team valuable feedback from their field of expertise.

My Role(s) and contributions.

I started out with Project Plungers as a voxel programmer. We had the idea to make this game based around voxels and as such we needed to develop a system that would allow us to work with Voxels in Unreal Engine.