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Maurice Heijligers

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bit about me

​I’m Maurice Heijligers, born on January 11th, 1996. My hobbies include playing guitar, going for walks, having a drink with friends, gaming, watching YouTube videos and programming. I moved out of my parents house when I had the age of 18 and wouldn’t dream of moving back in. I obtained my interests in computers from my dad, who has always encouraged me to try new things. This created the perfect environment for me to try and learn programming, it also however, set the stage for me discovering that certain mistakes can never be undone, like formatting hard drives!

I am currently studying Game Programming at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences their International Games Architecture and Design (IGAD) BSc programme. During my studies I have been working on quite a couple game projects, Notable ones can be found here on my portfolio. Like Compile, Project Dive, Lacuna Game Engine and Project Plungers.